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Watching live sports at not “the middle of the night.”


Not Leebo, but having been for a very long time abroad, I feel I can also contribute :smiley:
Being far from family and friends is really hard. After a few years, you are basically strangers to each other. The feeling of drifting away, being completely out of the loop, is a sting in the heart every time I go back. That’s especially true for old friends, who I am mostly meeting by habit more than anything else. (I still enjoy spending time with them, but beyond reminiscing on the “good old times” from more than 10 years ago, we don’t have much to talk about…)


I guess that felt too obvious. But I already lived away from my family and best friend back in America. The time difference makes it tougher though.


He’s actually level 109.

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Have you really gone thru all the listening practices at Genki I and II? I’m impressed.

Huuum… yeah. I feel that a lot with my childhood friends. I feel the love is still somehow there, but I don’t feel connected as much. A small group of them still continued hanging out together and I was the one going for a different route. Nevertheless, I still appreciate them. I just feel a bit weirded out by the fact that the connection doesn’t come as natural as it should be? Because I don’t see them as less than what they were before.

It’s a good thing to take into consideration though, for the future :grin: Me and my high school friends drifted away a bit with the Uni life, but recently we’ve been scheduling more spontaneous things together. We don’t have to be all together, if only 2 or 3 people can go, that’s fine.

Being abroad, this makes it 10x harder I’m sure. But I guess that realizing who the people you wish to stay connected for life are and working towards it is a good goal to have in consideration \o/


Yes, as @Leebo said, it’s quite obvious.
What I didn’t expect, I guess, is how I would feel about it. I’ve caught myself being actually reluctant to contact friends or even family because, well, it does hurt. Plus, the scheduling is really annoying when you actually do meet up, and annoying things tend to be pushed back to tomorrow.
* nervously stares at review pile *


wasnt expecting to get hit by the feels tenor


There’s not that much - just a page or two in the workbook for each chapter…

Same. What I recently noticed is that these things we keep postponing are legit consuming us with stress. The moment I realize how much stress something has been giving me, and how getting it done will make me feel so much better, I go for it.

I feel like I spend as much mental energy on thinking of doing something as actually doing it.


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