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@Leebo: Sorry I write this way, but since there are no more PMs I couldn’t figure another way.

I admire how good you are at explaining things, and the great resources you share with the community. You didn’t recommend it to me directly, but your recommendation of A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners (whew, long title) has helped me greatly, it really is a great dictionary! Thank you very much for that.

I’m going to attend the N4 exam this December. Are there any good books/resources/websites, anything really, to help me study for it? Right now I’m halfway through Genki II, completed Genki I, and know a handful of random grammar points.


There’s technically a “Pseudo PM thread” in campfire for that exact purpose. But anyway, it’s a good question; it’s a good idea to share it with the community :slight_smile:

I took Japanese classes all the way to N3, so I can’t really contribute to the conversation, sadly.


Dont mind me, I just figured this is the one thread where I absolutely have to reply before leebo.


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I have the PM thread muted because I mute most huge threads.

As for the actual question, I don’t know if I’m actually the best person to answer it, because I got to N4 with Japanese for Busy People, a fairly unpopular book that I only used because it was assigned by our teacher.

But I’ll think on it.


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I personally really like the website Bunpro.
It helps me immensly to remember the grammar rules because (like wanikani) it is an SRS system. So it forces you, every day, to pratice what you learned, and repeat those you have a hard time remembering.

It’s easier to learn because you have to use them. You don’t just hope to find them in the wild.
Also their example sentences are fun to read because they are easy, but not too much.

PS: you can learn at the speed you want. You can go through all the rules in the first day if you want.


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Ooo. I have Japanese for Busy People. Only as a supplementary resource, though.

Thank you for replying!

One shortcoming I’ve heard Genki has is that its listening practices aren’t enough. Any good resource to cover for that?

Also, the question is really open to anyone. It’s just that Leebo is something of a legend in the forums, haha.

I think Genki does have pretty decent listening practice, just not enough to cover as your sole source for it. Lots of people use JapanesePod101 as well, and also the YouTube channel 日本語の森 for grammar and listening combined.

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Gonna piggyback here to also say thanks Leebo (I think it was you), for not recommending the Japanese Ammo videos. But even though (as I recall) you didn’t like them, you did mention them at some point, and they’re helpful to me.

I also like bunpro - it’s a great way to be continually reminded that it’s very easy to say to yourself, ok, I know that now. Then, when you have to do it, you realize you don’t have it down as well as you think.

My only irritation with bunpro is that sometimes it’s unclear which grammar point they’re going for in the question. Also, the sentence pool is small enough that eventually I start getting certain ones right just by recognition, not comprehension. But overall, fantastic introduction to the common figures of speech.


So I figured that the best way to get ready for the exam, was to do a mockup exam and study on my shortcomings.

I got the exam from the official practice book, and did all of the sections and reviewed them myself. I also made sure to do it within the time limit and no resources or checking online for stuff.

The first percentage is my total score, the second percentage represents my score without lucky guesses. (Questions I couldn’t understand and just took a shot in the dark.)

Grammar 19/35 (54.3%) -5 lucky guesses (40%)
Vocab 21/34 (61.8%) -3 lucky guesses (52.9%)
Listening 24/27 (88.89%) -1 lucky guess (85.2%)

I got a much better score in listening than I expected, but got a really low score for grammar. I guess all I really need to do is to get an Anki deck on N4 vocab and keep studying Genki II. Any suggestions?


This! @pushindawood

For Daru the OP: Sorry I put this feedback for BunPro here, because I’m not sure how to put a quote in another thread. I could link this feedback post from BunPro thread but I’m not sure I’ll be able to say what I mean to say correctly in English, so…

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