Question for forum mods


I saw a KS campaign thread be locked for no apparent reason. Why is it discouraged for users of this site to share campaigns for platforms that could be useful for our learning?
It would be one thing if someone created an advertising thread, but it’s entirely another when a productive discussion is being had.

When reasons are not provided, it is no longer moderation, but rather the intentional stifling of constructive discussion.



It’s not an unheard of policy. The fact that it wasn’t closed immediately doesn’t mean it should stay open.


That literally ducks the question. Just because a policy is not unheard of does not make it sensible by any measure.
When it was closed is also irrelevant to the bigger point.


It seems like it has less to do with advertising (considering talking about other products is fine) and more with them not wanting people to promote kickstarters/funding campaigns. I can see how that could get messy.


I thought it was a bit harsh because there was a discussion beyond, but the message was

Please don’t create topics to share links to Kickstarters/GoFundMe/Indiegogo etc. on our forums.

If the topic was “Outlier Kanji – good idea?” we would probably still discuss it. So just deleting the link and some notice would have been enough for me.

[But I can see how kickstarter can fit in “advertisement” and “self-promotion” :slight_smile:]


I think it would help to answer your question quicker and avoid derailing if we tag @anon20839864 様 here.
I mean, the question is for moderators, so only moderators can really answer it…


I do agree with that. A notice would have sufficed, deleting the link, fine too, I guess. But outright locking a cordial discussion? A bit much.

I’m half expecting this thread to get locked too, and I don’t know why.

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Maybe because it can be viewed as direct competition :man_shrugging:

Otherwise I see no difference to all the other japanese related websites been dicussed here (bunpro, Kitsun, etc) that are also paid services.

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And some of those arguably compete more. That is disregarding the inherent insecurity one must experience in order to justify banning talk about competition in the first place. But I digress.

Kickstarter links are in general also not allowed e.g. on the learnjapanese subreddit which is not a business. My assumption is that if you allow them then people start spamming your forum with various kickstarter projects and some of those might be of dubious quality.

Since this forum is run by a business as an add on to an existing product I think it is fair enough of them to set their own rules, one of those being that advertising for other paid platforms is not allowed. They also blocked the user who was trying to spam one of the japanese TV streaming services for example.

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Given that there are very few Japanese language related products, it seems unlikely that this is particularly relevant here.

If that were an actual rule, it would Mae sense. But there are other platforms that are blatantly spoken about, but no threads being shut. Fortunately.

Surely there is a distinction to be made here? It is fair enough to ban spammers, but is there not a difference if people are discussing a product as opposed to spamming?

I don’t see why this has to be up for discussion.
This is a forum that is run by a business. It is nice that they provide this service and invest significant effort in making sure it is a nice place to visit but they are not obliged to do so. But of course they are not doing it to be nice but because it is beneficial for their business. All we are paying them for is WaniKani itself, not the forum. And it is not like being able to discuss any kind of topic is a basic human right or whatever.

Or in other words: their house, their rules, live with it. But whatever, I’m moving on.


They don’t want Kickstarter campaigns on their forums. I don’t see why this requires some kind of explanation. You are welcome to dislike it, of course.

The fact that there was discussion happening in the thread doesn’t seem relevant. Maybe it would have seemed less “harsh” if it was closed after one post, but it wasn’t. That’s just how it goes.

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This :point_up_2:

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No one is stating it is a human right. At least as far as I can tell.

It doesn’t have to be. But it is because I started a discussion.

I know I wouldn’t be here without the community and the sharing of resources. And I suspect a lot of others derive a lot from the community.

No one is stating anything is owed to us beyond an explanation. You want to lock a thread? Go ahead, it is your forum after all. But treat customers with more than a generic notice before interrupting a discussion that serves a legitimate purpose.

Just as I am not obligated to be happy with the way the thread was treated, you, in turn, are not obligated to be happy with what I post :thinking:

This live with it or get out attitude is one of the worst strategies for customer retention.

I hesitate to say that I agree with @acm2010 and @jprspereira, not because I disagree with them, but because I fear that given the polemic nature of the thread so far, they may not want to be associated with me at the moment :wink:

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As a former Moderator from games related forums, I agree with @acm2010 and @VegasVed. Futhermore, I don’t have anything else to add to the conversation.

Fight me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@VegasVed I can understand your position, but the counter-argument the moderators can basically do what they want is also valid :slight_smile:

The best thing to discuss in more detail in a forum from Outlier itself. I liked that someone from Outlier came up for a discussion (but maybe this contributed to a close decision).

That dictionary is a bit of an “uncanny valley” for me. One the one hand it should be something I really want, but the way they handle it and some design choices upset me more than it should.

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You’ve probably realized this already, but this would have better if it were just emailed directly to the developers. Creating posts like this can cause unnecessary discord in the forums. (EDIT: Not to say that this thread has done such a thing. Just to be clear.)


I agree with you but to be honest, I feel that the OP was actually quite respectful this time, considering the vibe the first answers gave.

But yeah… \o/ 久しぶり!Glad to see you around today :wink:

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And I absolutely agree with this. They can do whatever they like. The policy is not so much the problem as much as the way it was handled (although I do disagree with the policy, but oh well). Imagine interrupting a courteous conversation in that fashion IRL, no matter who you are. It’s simply unbecoming and I believe reflects badly on the company’s policy towards customers.

Ermahgerd, I couldn’t agree more with this.