Question about the word hock

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As for me I have a little doubt about the meaning of the word hock or the phrase hocks up, used in this mnemonic

I have searched online for its translation (in spanish) but the only meanings that come up are either it being “in debt” or a piece of ham and I’m quite sure it is neither.

In my mind and by context it speaks to me like the phrase is being used to say that he “spitted out” or “threw up” but I’m not sure about it and thus I can’t seem to remember the reading every time the kanji comes up.

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Is this what you’re talking about?


Ohh, there it is hahaha. Thanks :sweat_smile:

I am British/Canadian/Australian and would never use ‘hock’ in that sense, so this mnemonic was a bit of a surprise to me, too - ‘hork’ is what I (the Canadian part of me) would use, but I’ve just learned it has different meanings depending on where you’re from… Isn’t language wonderfully, frustratingly complex!

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