Question about the app: Learn Japanese - Kanji by Luli Languages LLC

Hi there!

I want to learn how to WRITE Kanji as well and found a good app for my iPad.

I like this app a lot & even bought the full version. However, I sped through the first levels because the Kanji were very familiar to me but I still wanted to complete the levels to have them pop up in my writing practice.

The feature I liked so much at first glance has now become a nuisance to me: the additional vocab!
My review cue is now completely stuffed up with all those vocab words that I’ve known for ages and do not want to review. I can’t get through a whole review cycle anymore because it’s just sooo much.
I don’t know anything about how they handle their reviews either - can I stop in the middle of the reviews and it still svaes my progress? what are the review stages? A
Are there any possible ways for skipping vocab words I already know?

Because the app name is so generic I cannot find any articles, videos etc. that might explain some of these things. Can anyone answer some of my questions or even better - name some kind of resource that might explain it?

Thank you all so much!

Might honestly be a question better asked of Luli Languages LLC. Is there a “contact support” function in the app anywhere?