Question about personal nemonic

When I am doing my daily reviews how much emphasis should I/do you put on reciting the nemonic created for the Kanji or Vocab?

For example if 先生 comes up in reviews but I immediately know by looking at it that the word is せんせい. Should I bother going through in my head like “Well “先 is past and 生 is life, so past life is like your past experience, bla bla bla so this means teacher”.

How much emphasis do you personally put on reinforcing the nemonic for a word/kanji you already recognize from sight?

There’s no reason to go through the mnemonic if you know the word. Mnemonics are meant to be temporary crutches, and should be discarded once you know a word well enough to recall it immediately.


Like mentioned earlier, it’s meant to be used as crutches. Once you know the word, you know it. It’s all about pattern recognition, once you see a pattern and know how it is spelled and prounounced it’s not point going through the mnemonic. I’m not that far into it (level 6), most of the words I just know how to spell. I usually use mnemonics to help with words that are counter intuitive or new words all together. Do what works for you, you will understand what we mean.

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Mnemonic is only for temporary short-term memory. I think you should grasp the concept of the word instead of focusing on mnemonic. You will encounter a lot of abstract words at a later level. Mnemonic will be the last thing you want to think about.


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