Question about NHK easy article

Hey there, first I’d like to thank you all for being here! :hugs: The forum here has already become a invaluable resource of information for me. I subscribed to WK only a few weeks ago, but already learned so much.

I also began reading articles of NHK Easy, as many recommended, and I can already understand a lot more than I did 4 weeks ago, but there are still sometimes sentences which I just can’t comprehend from a grammar point of view although I think I know the grammar used. I stumbled upon such a case a few minutes ago, when I read an article published yesterday about the dimming of Betelgeuse. One paragraph begins with:

国立天文台の山岡均先生は「空を見て、ベテルギウスが暗くなったと思った人もいると思います。[…] 」と話しています。

So how would you translate this? What’s irritating me is that double use of 思う.

My crude translations would be something like:
Professor … said: “I think there are people who observed the sky and thought Betelgeuse dimmed. …”
Professor … said: “I observe the sky and think there are people who thought Betelgeuse dimmed. …”
Both don’t sound quite right :thinking:

I appreciate any comments!

I didn’t find a general post to ask questions about NHK Easy articles, so feel free tell me if there is one or to post other sentences / articles you didn’t understand completely under this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

My take is this:

Professor X said: I think that there were also people who looked at the sky and thought that Betelgeuse had become dark.


That would be Doctor Hitoshi Yamaoka of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. I don’t think Professor X is known for his astronomy work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Insert Mega Man quip here.


Wouldn’t that be the X-Men?


You’re right. My mistake.


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