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Have seen a lot of recommendation and use of Kitsun here. I gave it the free trial a little ways ago, used it for a few minutes, didn’t immediately know/understand how to use it effectively, couldn’t get the 1 deck import I tried working, was too busy to ask for help, and basically wasted my trial and abandoned the service without ever really having fairly tried it.

If I were to try it again, is there a writeup or tutorial on how to properly import decks and use the service in general? I read through the FAQs available, which mostly talked about SRS in general or customizing decks, but I didn’t see anything for using the service. Thanks ahead of time.

I’m not sure there’s any kind of tutorial, unfortunately. I’d recommend joining the Discord and asking for help over there. I think you’re more likely to get answers over there since that’s the most active Kitsun community.

By the way, if you ask for a new free trial, Neicudi will probably give it to you. At least, I’ve seen him do that in the past.


Thanks! It could be that I just don’t has a smart, or I’m wired differently, but Kitsun was not intuitive at all for me, unlike other services, but I know that a lot of semi-respectable people in the community here use it to great effect. I’d hate to miss on a resource that turns out to be really good.

I can’t comment on it being intuitive because I don’t use most of the features. I just have my own custom-made deck, which I find relatively easy to work with. I don’t use community decks or imports, so I have no idea if those features are complicated.

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As said free trials have been granted again for similar circumstances, you can ask @neicul

The knowledge base may be a place to start, the landing pages have extra links too.

If you have specific questions, happy to try to answer.


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