Question about Kanji unlocking using WK Ultimate Reorder 2 Script

Something that might help you out is this timing script, which limits the time you are allowed to think on each answer. In my case it drastically cut down on my review times to a much larger extent than it increased my work load. If you think that you just might be giving yourself too much time to think, this might help you out!

Running the risk of beating a dead horse here… I used to think that knowing kanji = knowing words, but I can tell you from experience that even though I very rarely run into kanji I don’t recognise, I run into words I don’t understand all the time!

Also, even if the kanji can give you a hint or sometimes even strong indication as to the meaning, these things pile up! If you vaguely know every word in a sentence, those smaller uncertainties can add up to make the whole thing pretty much incomprehensible.

The reality is that, sure, you need to learn the kanji in order to be able to read the words. But the kanji are the means here. I really think you need to give up the notion that you can focus on the means in isolation. Eventually you’ll need to learn the actual words anyway, and as others are incessantly pointing out, you’re just losing out by putting this off.

The words themselves are really just another means to the end goal of reading actual japanese, and again, by putting that off you’re robbing yourself of putting in the time to adjust your brain to the language.

I guess an option might be to just get a bunch of the core10k example sentences and practice reading those, skipping the vocab entirely. Still though, don’t stop at the kanji.

If you use WK all vanilla-like you’ll probably get a decent enough mix I think. It really should adapt to whatever time you’re willing to give it!

ganbatte kudasai!

EDIT: For my own studies I made this spreadsheet of the core6000 sample sentences coupled with the highest WK level of their constituent kanji. Maybe you’ll find it useful. I imported it into anki and used it to study on my phone.

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