Question about JLPT N5 sample question 4
This is an official sample question for the N5 (you can press the right button to skip to question 4). I can’t post the question here because the site does not allow copy-paste and I got a feeling it’s for copyright reasons so I will refrain from taking a screenshot.

I guessed it and got option 3 which was correct but I don’t really understand the question exactly. I can see why option 3 (I am working at a department store) makes sense but I don’t understand why the other options are wrong.


You have to chose the answer that fit the sentence provided the most.
(いちばん いい ものを えらんで ください)

わたしは デパートに つとめて います
1,2 and 4 are grammatically correct but the meaning don’t match.


You have to pick the sentence with the same meaning. (だいたいおなじいみのぶん) The sentence given is:
Translation: I am employed at a department store.

They are testing your understanding of the word つとめる, which means something similar to しごとをする.

The other options are
1 I am doing some shopping at the department store.
2 I am taking a stroll at the department store.
4 I am taking a rest at the department store.

They aren’t grammatically wrong as Arzar33 mentioned, but the meaning doesn’t match the given sentence.


It makes a lot of sense now. I did not grasp the つとめる part. Thanks all.
Basically how I got it right when I did not fully grasp the question was I picked the only one that stood out/was different from the others, a risky MCQ strategy of last resort :smiling_face_with_tear:


I learned つとめる from Duolingo of all places! Forum - Duolingo I swear I had never heard it before! I tent to stick to saying the same things once I know they work, so as I already knew how to tell people about my employment using shigoto and hataraite if I did learn this other option, I guess I never bothered to remember it or use it. Good job duolingo (I will still probably never actually say it).

務める is on level 21 and 勤める is on level 34 so you’ll get to it eventually. :wink::+1:

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