Question about API and what I can do with it

Hello everyone and I hope things are awesome for everyone:

Taking a deep look at the API in an attempt to honestly learn what can and cannot be done with it, one question still remain (well at least for now).

First, it looks like you can “Start an Assignment” to put an available item into your review queue, but there didn’t seem to be a way to tell the API the order in which you can start an available lesson. In this specific case, the plan is to start level radicals a few days earlier but adjust nothing else. There are clearly scripts available to do that, but could someone just use the API to do it instead through something like “Get An Available Assignment”?

Thank you.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. You can’t do lessons before they are unlocked, if that’s it. If you want to learn the radicals first, then you don’t use the API, you do that locally. If you want to submit lessons through the API then you can do that in any order as long as they are unlocked.


The summary endpoint will tell you exactly which items are available for lessons and reviews, that’s the easiest way to figure out for which items you can submit results. But the order of specific lessons or reviews is not dictated by the API at all. You can do them in any order you like. The site by default will present lessons in a fixed order based on level and type, and reviews in random order. The userscripts that change this just shuffle the available items differently. As long as you stick to the timing dictated by the API, any order is accepted by the API. So you can’t do reviews that are not available yet, or lessons for items that are still locked, those are rules that are strictly enforced by the API.


Please allow me to explain it in more detail then.

I currently have about 100 lessons that I can begin, and about 18 are them are radicals for my current level (7). WK gives you three options for “Lesson ordering” and while I currently use “Ascending level then subject”, it would be nice to see if, after getting close to the end of the previous level’s vocabulary, to choose to start doing lessons for the current level’s unlocked (available may be the wrong word entirely, sorry) radicals.

This was a want to check if there a way to just write something that told the system “I want X radicals this time instead”, and perhaps it would be far easier to just install a script that already exists, but still thought if it meant just retrieving some item IDs and making the API return them in some order, or whether this was the best way to approach the problem at all.

No, there is nothing for this in the API, the API doesn’t return the available lessons/reviews in any particularly useful order. The only practical way to achieve this is to use a userscript or app that can order your lessons the way you want, or write your own.