Question about a News Web Easy article from today

What’s up, guys!

Today I was giving a go at a News Web Easy article as I usually do, and today’s article was on the topic of Yokohama middle schools having short lunch periods.

I was reading everything well, with the aide of jisho for a couple things here and there, however the following has me scratching my head:

Blockquote 中学生は体が大きくなる時なので、昼ごはんの時間を十分に用意するように言っていきます

I get some of the concepts here (I hope!), but I can’t seem to figure it out entirely. I tried it in a translator, and to be honest, I didn’t really like the result it gave. I was hoping someone here could break it down for me. Thanks!

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“Because this is the time when middle school students’ bodies grow,”

“we’re going to tell them to make arrangements in order for them to have enough lunch time.”

I did my best. :joy: Some things can be said differently, but I think this is more or less it.

If there’s anything specific, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

I also might be wrong. :sweat_smile:


I agree that line is baffling.

I got basically the same translation as Kazzeon. I read it something like: “Since middle school is a time where students are experiencing growth spurts, they are told to devote ten minutes in preparation for lunch time.”

Maybe it means to prepare their lunch ahead of time so they have more time to eat?


I’m reading the article, and it seems they have 15 minutes of time to eat, and parents think it’s too short.

In other schools it’s 20 minutes, instead.

We’re also looking at the enough meaning, instead of 10分. :slight_smile:
I confirmed it on the article.

So, yeah. After reading the article, I think my translation is fine. (I still hope). :joy:


Yeah, “enough” makes more sense in context than “10 minutes”. I was thinking too literally!

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Thanks a bunch, guys! :cowboy_hat_face:

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