Question about 津

So I just got 津 and Wanikani’s meanings only gives “Haven”. However, I can find in Jisho that it could also mean “Port”, “Harbor” and “Ferry”.
I know Wanikani won’t list all of the meanings but I find odd that “Haven” was chosen given that it seems that 津 is used as a port suffix, 津波 makes more sense as “Port - Wave” than “Haven - Wave” and 津々浦々 makes more sense as “All ports and bays” than “All havens and bays”.

Is there a good reason why “Haven” was chosen?

Haven does mean a harbor or port. It’s the original meaning of the word. The general usage of “a place of safety” comes as an extension of it.


In particular > synonyms: wharves, haven


Oh! My bad! Should have studied more the English word! Since the Wanikani’s meaning explanation used the “safe place” meaning I thought that was the only approach in this case.

Cheers to Wanikani for also improving my English then!

Thank you!


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