Question about 与

Hi all. I have a question and was wondering whether someone here could answer it.

So, I have a sentence from my isekai novel:

When I look up 与 on my dictionary, it says that it can be used to mean 「…とともに」「…のままに」. I think I get it, but can someone explain it’s usage a little better? And how should I pronounce it? My dictionary says its pronounced むた but I’m not sure.
Thank you in advance.


与 (as むた from a dictionary import) has been bouncing around my Anki deck for a bit but I couldn’t answer your question either, so I did some digging, and with a google search found this entry for 与ダメージ in an RPG context.

Sounds like it’s read よだめーじ and means the damage inflicted (on the enemy monster).


I see, so it is sort of considered as one word. I didn’t think of browsing stuff like this so I will keep it in mind. This also clears my doubts as to why the dictionary usage expalantion didn’t make sense. Turns out it is not used like that (is it even used that way?).
Thank you so much!
edit: forgot to mention, the sentence makes full sense now.

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You could also remember that 与える means ‘to give’, so it would be the damage ‘given’ to the enemy. I believe the effect only applies to enemies who are monsters, since it’s 魔物相手 and not 相手魔物.


This is a very nice mnemonic, thank you! :slight_smile:


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