Question about これごれ


At about 1:40 the person in this video says (unless I’m hearing it wrongly)…

I have had a search for これごれ, but haven’t found anything.
I already know これこれ (which would makes sense in the sentence).
Does anyone know if これこれ and これごれ are the same?
If not, do you know the difference?


Dunno what to tell you. Can’t find it in any dictionaries or Google searches, but I do hear it distinctly. Since it’s about food in Korea, could it be a Korean word maybe? I can’t speak Korean so I don’t know, but that would be my guess.


The auto-generated subtitles hear これこれ.

I’m… honestly not at all sure the second kana is even れ. But yeah, I was thinking some Korean foodstuff.

My girlfriend heard これこれ, but agrees that someone could hear これごれ, but also affirms it’s not a word.

@jneapan @Belthazar @Leebo

Thanks all! I’ll go with これこれ. As my Korean is quite good (at least compared to my Japanese), I’m pretty sure that it’s not Korean :wink:

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