4️⃣ Quartet 1 and 2 Study Group [Quartet 2 ongoing - chapter 8]

Thanks for the answers everyone :slight_smile:
I will go with the majority, as if doesn’t seem to be too much in conflict with the other votes, so Quartet 2 will start on April 13th!!
I will put up the schedule in the first post at some point, but I think the rhythm we had with Quartet 1 was nice, so it will be 1 week per section = 4 weeks per chapter = 24 weeks for Quartet 2. And if need be we can always slow down.
If you get bored waiting, do some immersion (like playing ISLAND with the VN book club, all in one practice: casual speech + novel reading + listening and all of that on a nice background music :smiley:) and of course check out the brush up section of Quartet 1!
now time to catch up on Chapter 6 :eyes: