Quantify "ignored" mistakes

So against the recommendation of many, I am using the “ignore” quite liberally as it keeps me motivated. That said, I do ignore small mistakes such as typos and sometimes things that I just mindfarted on (yes yes, overusing ignore kills kittens, I know)

However, it would be interesting to see if there are items that I click “ignore” on a bit too much, and consequently need to review those on the side or just not let myself pass it once I get to a certain SRS-level.

Are there any plugins that tracks which items I have used the ignore function on? I use both an app and the web, and a part of me assumes that the system simply ignores those inputs, and consequently they cannot be quantified. Am I wrong in this or is there a glorious plugin to help me with my niche usecase?


Would be nice for me too…
Maybe requesting it here helps too? What do you want now? (Request extensions here) (am on phone so can only post the link)



I sometimes feel like I use the ignore script too much (not using it at all at the moment, though), so what I did was that I modified the script to not allow its use on burn items, meaning I can’t burn an item I’ve ignored too much. It’s just a simple thing, but it works just fine for me.


How did you make that modification? Well, I don’t overuse the script at the moment so I hope I won’t need it, but it seems like a good safeguard nonetheless.

For simplicity I rely on the SRS indicator script which adds the dots in this image (red is a burn item)


I use that to check if the current item is a burn item, and if it is I block the ignore. See line 168-170 here.


I see the birth of a new species: userscripts for other userscripts!


I just use double check for that. If I mark an item right and see that that burns it, I’ll usually just mark it wrong again.

The issue for me is that I don’t want to double check. I want to keep going and only be stopped when it’s necessary

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Would you be able to link me to that script? I can’t seem to find it by using the search feature :expressionless:

Think it’s this one


Thanks a million! :smiley:

I usually allow ignores to go through on burn items, but I also then immediately resurrect them. So, I guess it’s the difference between having it come back in a few weeks, versus starting fresh.


That’s actually a good feature! But if I could programmatically resurrect items, I’d go for that, like Leebo said.