Quality reading

I just took the JLPT sample test and I can tell that I have improved more than last time, which was I guess a year ago.

To get better at reading you need to read more, but how can I increase my quality reading. It feels that my reading is more gues based right now, which is again based on looking at the grammar points to kind of figure at what these sentences could be.

P.S. Finally lv12!!:clap:

Find something you are interested in and start reading. The whole Japanese internet is out there.

For me, one of my passions is food and rink so the first things I learnt how to read were recipes. Over time i needed the dictionary less and I’m now able to read a lot more.

You just answered your own question. Eventually grammar and vocab you keep looking up now you’ll understand immediately and without thinking. Then there will be different grammar and vocab you have to look up all the time. Rinse and repeat. :slight_smile:

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So for example read more about games, because I like games.

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More so, read what you will want to be reading

You can also start to read easy material and build up from there. As soon as manga become easy to read, there’s a whole world of material you can start reading. And that, in turn, is a gateway to even more complex reading, such as novels (although I’d start with short stories and novella first).

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Maybe off-topic, but why my picture displays lv11, while on the mainpage I lvled to 12.

this sometimes happens. Simply log out and back on from the forum and your current level will be displayed corectly

Exactly. I know stuff all about games but dropping 「ゲームニュース」into google brought up a bunch of sites. You could also try playing some games in Japanese, I know others do. try searching for 子供むけゲーム。

Depending on your level, you might want to look into graded readers. Tadoku has some free graded readers. I’d recommend going through each level until you find a level you’re struggling with and focus on that. They also have readers available to buy. If you know all of the JLPT5 grammar and some of the JLPT4 grammar, you could check out NHK Easier, a website that pulls articles from NHK Easy and makes it so you can hover over words to get their meaning and reading. If youre above a JLPT4 level, you could probably check out native material for adults, but you’ll likely have to look up a lot of grammar.

Either way, with reading, you’ll only improve with practice. I recommend getting into a habit with reading, doing it daily if possible. Even if it’s just reading a page in a manga or an article on NHK easier.


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