QQ Sweeper and Queen’s Quality you can read for free!

Read QQ Sweeper first (temporarily for free)

First 7 volumes of Queen’s Quality temporarily free to read.

Trailer of volume 1 of Queen’s Quality

A good video that explains Queen’s Quality well for those who wish to learn more/debating on reading it.

This manga has Action, Mystery, Mental Health, etc. :heart:

Free trial reading viewing period 2023/10/26 - 2023/11/08


oh nice, same author/illustrator as Dengeki Daisy :durtle_noice:


One problem I had with QQ Sweeper is that the dude looks just like Daisy. It was weird to read immediately following Dengeki. In fact, the author’s prior manga, Beast Master, the dude looks the same as well.

edit: I went back and looked at even older works by the author and its the same all the way through! Check out Otokomae! Beads Club and it’s essentially Daisy and Teru.