Pyoro’s Study Log 🪸

Hi everyone!
My studies tend to be all over the place so I thought making this study log might be a good way to keep things more organized. I also tend to be pretty forgetful so hopefully writing things down more will help with that.

Study Background

I started studying around four years ago, learning hiragana and katakana with an app before taking a semester at my college. After that I found Wanikani, and have been studying on and off since then. So far I’ve made it halfway through Genki I in class, then halfway through Minna no Nihongo I by myself before losing motivation and realizing that I’m not a big fan of textbooks. For grammar after that I used Bunpro + Dictionary of Japanese Grammar for more in depth info on each point, as well as Game Gengo’s N5 and N4 videos. Then in 2021 I realized I could kind of read (emphasis on kind of) and got distracted playing otome games and reading manga and didn’t do much active studying, although I did look up a lot of unknown grammar and vocabulary so I think the reading experience there has helped me a lot. Now I’m trying to add some more intensive reading in and maybe try and give textbooks another shot with Tobira since my grammar knowledge is kind of all over the place and I’m aiming to take the N3 this year.

As for my Wanikani journey specifically, I started in 2019 and have reset twice, once from level eight to zero, and then once down a level after a long break. So far things are progressing well this year and I’ll be hitting the fast levels soon (rip).

:fish: Main Goals :fish:
Read as much as possible
Start Tobira
Keep up with WaniKani (shooting for 60 before the end of this year)
Take N3 in December
Study vocab with kitsun
Keep up with book clubs

:fish: Secondary Goals :fish:
Try and take an Italki lesson every week
Watch youtube videos
Study marine life related vocab
Go through Bunpro grammar points

Will probably change some as things progress

I’ll try and post here at least once a week about what I’m studying and my progress, most likely along with a lot of random thoughts and things I find interesting while I’m studying. Feel free to drop by anytime! よろしくね~


:fish: Keeping Track of Reading :fish:
One of my big goals right now is to get better at reading, here I’ll keep track of my overall progress so far this year.

Read everyday challenge spring home :cherry_blossom: :seedling:
My Natively

日本語 Read 2022 小説・ラノベ: :open_book: マンガ: :speech_balloon: 乙女ゲー・VN: :video_game:
Title Type Progress
ビルシャナ戦姫 ~源平飛花夢想~ :video_game:
マグメル深海水族館 :speech_balloon: Volume: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
終遠のヴィルシュ -Error:salvation- :video_game:
ふらいんぐうぃっち :speech_balloon: Volume: 1
ホリミヤ :speech_balloon: Volume: 1
よつばと! :speech_balloon: Volume: 1
ジャックジャンヌー夏劇ー :open_book:
悪魔のパズル なぞのカバンと黒い相棒 :open_book:
真夜中のパン屋さん 午前0時のレシピ :open_book:
LOOPERS :video_game:
even if tempest 宵闇にかく語りき魔女 :video_game:
夜は不思議などうぶつえん :open_book:
夜カフェ :open_book:
Flesh&Blood :open_book: Volume: 1 2

reserved for progress stuff