Purge all user synonyms

Especially in higher levels, as I haven’t used it for a long time, and some synonyms of mine are overdone.

I have reseted and user synonyms remained.

I don’t mind writing a script either, if it can be reached via the API.


You can use Update study material API endpoint to remove user synonyms from an item.


It’s a replace array kind (i.e. $set / $unset), not update kind (e.g. $pull)? Just want to make sure.

I never used this endpoint but I think so. I’d try a request with an empty array to replace the old values.

I made it. You are right. However, this also requires two cautions.

// 500+ items. This will crash without rate limiting.
// The limit is 60 per minute, so this will be done in about 9 minutes.
  await Promise.all(
    allData.map(async (d) => {
      return wkApi
        .put(`/study_materials/${d.id}`, {
          meaning_synonyms: [],
        .then((r) => console.log(r.data))

I use this axios package, as can be seen in my repo.

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