Punishment for failing to Burn item

Hi all,

Thanks for a wonderful app. Nothing has helped me learn Japanese literacy even close to as much as this.

I noticed that if you fail to Burn an item, it’s demoted to Guru, which is consistent with the rest of the site. However, you don’t get to try again for another month, and then it’s gone for four months after that again. Will this really be enough to get it right, or could things get stuck in the void, only appearing every few months? Can the situation be changed to get more reviews, even if it doesn’t change the status?

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It gets downgraded to guru 2, which means you’ll see it again in two weeks, then a month, then four months.


Also, if you get it wrong again (obviously) it gets demoted further.

Say you get it right after it went back to guru 2, then it goes to master. If you can remember it again the next time around, then good for you! You probably actually know it, and it should progress further.
If you get it wrong, though, it will get demoted to apprentice, which makes sense as well.

tl;dr don’t worry about it.

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I wrote a userscript for this that will deliver an electric shock to the user when they fail a review for a burnable item. Nothing too much, only about 220 volts and only for a few seconds. It is still in beta right now. I’m still working on getting some of the kinks out after an unfortunate incident last month where a few of the alpha testers went to see the Great Crabigator in the Sky.


Where do I pre-order?


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I’m still new ish here… how do I like twice?


I guess everyone has seen this by now, but if not…


Ideally you don’t only use WK to learn Japanese but also try to read various Japanese texts (subtitles, textbooks, NHK web easy, etc.) where you would encounter these kanji and be reminded of their meaning & reading.

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