Prorated upgrade question

I feel like I sort of got the gist of how this works by searching some old threads, but would like to confirm I’m understanding correctly.

I’m Monthly, and considering Lifetime. But when I looked into upgrade, I was only being credited a few dollars. (been here ~3 months/$30 thus far.)

If I’m understanding right, the discount is based only on your current billing cycle, not how much you’ve paid lifetime, so the most I could ever get off is just under $10? i.e. if I were here for 30 months at monthly and paid $300, a lifetime upgrade at that point would still cost me just under $300?

I didn’t necessarily expect to be credited the full amount paid to date, but perhaps thought it would be more than a couple dollars off. If I’ve got this right it sounds like I need to make a decision very quickly, because until the point I upgrade, I will have effectively thrown away every monthly payment. Ouch.

(I understand WK isn’t obligated to offer any prorate at all, but it does seem a bit useless for monthly accounts with how it’s set up now, and is a bit of a disincentive to upgrade for precisely the kind of user who would feel inclined to upgrade.)

Correct. The main way this makes a difference is of you paid for a year and then decided on lifetime a month later. I got $87 back for doing it this way. You get credited for what you haven’t used.

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Thanks for confirming.

I suppose now it’s a game of chicken… wait for a Lifetime discount promotion to roll around and try to recoup some losses that way, but risk no discount coming up any time soon and burning more monthly charges.

Ahhh, it’s a tough decision. I know Lifetime is best if I stick with it, but I’ll hate myself if I change my mind in three months and stop using the site and effectively flush ~$240.

They generally have a lifetime sale at Christmas. So you have a couple of months to decide.

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Hm, by then I’d have paid ~$80 already so even a $100 off code would be a pretty negligible difference from doing it now. I guess I’m best off just coming to a decision before the next billing period and then sticking with it. Anyways, thanks.

Which is why I remain a monthly user, at an already discounted rate, even though I would normally take the lifetime option. :slight_smile:

Yes, the new discounting system is not great at the moment and not a good incentive for you to upgrade.

There used to be an end-of-the-year offer where the WK team calculated all you had spent so far and deducted it from the cost of Lifetime (plus a further discount if you were at Level 50, which was the max at the time). I decided to go yearly because I felt like Lifetime is not encouraging me to finish WK quickly (which I need for drive, otherwise I know I would let it drag for years and never finish it). I’m hoping to reach Level 60 in 3 months and would love to actually get lifetime then. But it would only make sense and be fair if I could deduct all I have spent so far. I’m on the Textfugu plan, which gives a 50% discount on the WK monthly and yearly price (currently I pay 50 USD per year, which is a damn good deal and makes you think twice about going Lifetime, even at 200 USD).

If I were you though, I would perhaps move to yearly and wait until the end of year sale to go lifetime (although there is no guarantee they will do that lifetime offer again).

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If you are deligent in your studies anyway you can finish wanikani in 2 years

So lifetime is useful if you dont want to rush - cant commit daily / want breaks or want to use the site after you hit level 60 and potentially have burned everything

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