Pronouncing "airplane" in English

So I was listening to the pronunciation for “airplane”. The word (when spelling it out roughly) is spelled hikoki, but when I hear it pronounced, it sounds like “shikoki”. Also, the word “crisis” is spelled out as “kiki”, but sounds like it is pronounced “shki”. Is there a reason for this? Is this common in Japanese? Thank you for the help!

This will hopefully be of help:


Yup–I was going to say “palatal fricative”. I’m glad I guessed right! :wink:

@athomasm Neat and interesting read! I never realized I already did this (probably because I natively speak Vietnamese too which is hella tonal)

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Thank you for taking the time to find that! Never thought I would be adding “palatal fricative” to my vocabulary, yet here we are. Truly appreciate it