Prompt dialog when clicking "Generate new API key"?

tl;dr: Could you add a dialog prompt to confirm API token regeneration to prevent accidental regeneration?

Every time I want to go and copy the API token I scroll down and there’s a big grey button next to the API key. In many websites the button is a shortcut to copying the API key, because presumably you want to copy it to put it somewhere else.

My brain does that and what ends up happening is that my API token gets reset and I need to go to my cellphone and put it again there, also in bunpro, etc.

It would be great if at least there was a confirmation dialog saying “Are you sure you want to regenerate the API key? Any application that uses the old API key will stop working” or something like that, though the full message is not needed (I’m a programmer and I know what happens if I regenerate the API key but others might not).

Thank you!


The big button that says ‘Generate new key’?
I mean, it clearly states what it’s going to do. What happens when someone doesn’t read the dialog? They’re often just a success dialog, so someone might not read it.
… Maybe it needs a captcha?
How does one solve every PEBKAC error?


Yeah, you’d think that the appearence of a dialogue box will make you pay attention to what you’re doing, but when you’re already not reading the buttons, it’s surprisingly easy to not read a dialogue box too.

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I agree. I instinctively go for the button each time. haven’t actually clicked it yet, but one day I might.


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