Progress since minimising use of re-order script

So - around the late teens (Level wise) i had started to abuse the re-order script. I would use it to make sure i did radicals straight away, and then to make sure once my radicals were Guru’d, i did the unlocked Kanji straight away as well.

This led to some serious lesson back logging - but i was happy cause i was sailing through the levels !

Then I saw the The 0/0 Streak Challenge - this shamed me into getting my lesson backlog sorted. Since then i have decided to only use the re-order script to get the radicals out of the way immediately after levelling up. Once they are Guru’d I have to clear all the vocab from the previous level before i can get to the Kanji - and ALSO keep apprentice items below 150.

as can be seen below - this has slowed me down considerably - but i am less concerned with speed now, compared to the start - and more concerned with how sustainable my progress is. (Since burns have started coming around, I would use one word to describe WANIKANI - relentless.)

This experience has emphasised how important it is to get vocab done to reinforce the kanji readings - and preferably this should be as soon as possible after learning the kanji IMO.

Just thought i would share - as hopefully should act to emphasise that re-order should not be abused - and that going hell for leather is not the be-all-and-end-all, especially if you are sacrificing longevity by burning out.

Happy WaniKani’ing



I also went through the same thing before I had reset to level 11. It’s good that you have realized the mistake of this and were able to get through that obstacle without the need to reset. It’s not easy.

As for the 0 / 0 challenge (for anyone reading): Although it is a big task to 0 / 0 the first few times, its gets easier later on if you keep at it. Best of all, you will feel accomplished by doing so. At least I do. Honestly, WaniKani has become more fun due to the challenge. The topic itself is also very motivating. Seeing all the people stepping up to meet the challenge, checking in for every level. It’s a topic full of positive vibe. Hope to see ya all there.


yeah i agree - if you can get 0/0 once each level you are doing all right i reckon - but as you say, it is a challenge :neutral_face:

And i am sure i will see you at 60 ! no matter how long it might take us ! :smile: - がんばって

oh wow, i didn’t know that 0/0 was not that common… I always just 0/0 when i get to a new level!


Fully agree. I have never used the reorder script since for my learning purpose I don’t see the point. I prefer to go a bit slower but learn the vocabulary as they come along. As you say, it so much reinforces the kanji learning process.


I use the reorder script to do 10 Kanji every day (out of 20 lessons every day), if any are available, as I usually find the vocab lessons are easier then the Kanji ones. (especially if you really got your Kanji done).
More then 10 of this f**kers daily and I forget them all.

hmmm - that might be a good tactic. I don’t think doing all the kanji in one go is great for me - inevitably i end up not retaining some of the readings / meanings.

Re-order script in moderation ! :wink:

Moderation is the key to everything :smiley:

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