Profile "About Me" text showing weird stuff

when looking at the “About {username}” text in my profile page, the “<” is shown as a “<”.
Please fix this html-entity-thing/i-hate-web-dev-so-idk-what-this-is error.

Thanks in advance,
A fussy brain

Not sure what you’re trying to say? Both of those less-than symbols in your post are identical to me. And your profile looks normal, too. Is it showing &lt; on your end only?


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Looks fine to me too.

Honestly even in your original post I don’t see a difference between the two… So maybe it’s some setting on your phone/computer?

This is what OP really wrote


It looks fine on my phone…
It only shows the weird thing in my browser (Chrome, up-to-date) on my computer.
Anyway, this issue is not annoying.
Thanks for your reply, though

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That’s strange, because I use updated Chrome too, and it seem to be showing normally to me…


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