Procrastinators Log - From Level 2 to Level 60 in 2022

I have a lot of regrets, though this year i’m finishing college and applying to teach in Japan so I think it is about time I get off my butt and get serious on learning Japanese.

I am currently reading Hiramiya and I plan to only use wanikani, renshyuu, and anki to learn Japanese,

I plan to edit this daily in order to motivate myself on those hard days.

Day 1: 165 reviews are waiting for me, though I finished Chapter 2 of Hiramiya and caught up with my lessons on renshuu. Hopefully will finish my reviews before bed.


Not to rain on your parade, as you should go as far as you can, but while I think it’s physically possible to do WaniKani in a year, it’s very demanding.

Good luck on your learning journey and hope you get the teaching spot! :slight_smile:

The goal is more to see how far I can get in a year I have seen the horror number of reviews once you hit level 25 and beyond.


Going from level 2 to level 60 in less than a year is the total opposite of procrastination


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