Problems with 'school' in vocab

A few times I’ve written ‘grad school student’ for 大学院生 and it’s been marked wrong. Out of interest I tried ‘senior high’ for 高等学校 and it was also marked wrong.

Is ‘grad student’ the only time that ‘school’ isn’t accepted in an answer?

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Just checking, are you familiar with user synonyms? Some people aren’t aware they can add answers that the system will accept.

There’s plenty of other ways you could phrase a lot of things, so someone will always be able to come up with a reasonable answer that doesn’t appear in the list.

I have “high school” as a synonym of 高等学校.

They’re open to adding thing if asked by email, but usually user synonyms are the quickest solution.


Man, I didn’t even think of user synonyms! Thanks, I should probably try that

Not really sure but as far as I know, it has different usage. I think you should also be familiar with user synonyms first so that it will be easier for you to understand the context. User synonyms is not that difficult to understand and familiarize, you just need to give it some time.

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