Problem with display of Reorder Ultimate 2?

Sometimes I see this:

Other times I see this:

And occasionally I see the (correct) version with just one set of outstanding levels etc.

I’m on the latest Chrome on updated Windows 10, and I’ve only just installed TaperMonkey and all the scripts I use onto this PC. Everything else seems to be working OK. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on?

I’m on Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 version 2.2.4.

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It might help to post this in the relevant thread:


Is that something that appeared only recently? Or is this a new install for you?
Seeing everything doubled up makes me wonder if you have two copies running… if not both in Tampermonkey, then maybe one in TamperMonkey and one directly in the browser extensions.

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Hi there… it’s a new install of TaperMonkey and the scripts on a PC that hadn’t had it until now.

It’s intermittent; sometimes I get nothing, sometimes the correct layout, sometimes the doubled-up layout. For example, I just closed everything and reopened it, and I got the correct format (やった!), so who knows?

Would the fact that I’m only just getting back into it after a layoff, working my way down from about 3500 reviews, affect it?

Edit: that’s not true, I did have TaperMonkey and co on this PC ages ago, now that I think about it. How would I have managed to get two copies running, if that’s what’s happening?

If you ever tried installing it before TamperMonkey was installed, it would install directly to the browser instead of inside TamperMonkey. You can check by going to Chome Menu -> More Tools -> Extensions to see if there’s a copy there. If so, remove it.

Also, although I’m not sure it’s possible to have two copies together in TamperMonkey unless they’re named differently, it’s worth checking. Just open the TamperMonkey Dashboard, and sort the list of scripts by name to see if you have duplicates.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what the problem could be.

Ah, you mean I might have installed it as an extension on it’s own, as opposed to (or also) within TaperMonkey (I’m a bit slow). No, it’s not there, so it’s just something weird going on. It’s not the end of the world, as it eventually appears in the correct format. Thanks for replying!

I get this issue (second image) from time to time as well. Not sure what is causing it. What I do know is that turning off all the scripts does not resolve the issue. Wanikani keeps acting up afterwards. What usually works for me is either clearing cache or disabling and re-enabling Tampermonkey on the extensions page. My hypothesis is that there’s an issue with Tampermonkey and not the script itself.

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