Problem occurs with webpage

I just keep getting this error on the website using different browsers and now on the allicrab app. I’m using an iphone7 and I just bought my subscribtion yesterday :frowning:

Could you maybe be just a tad more specific?

The error is “a problem occurred with this webpage and needs to be reloaded” however I tried using the English keyboard to input my answers and no crashes so far, but if I use the Japanese keyboard it does crash

The more information the better. Does this only happen on your phone? If so, what kind of device and what operating system version? What keyboard are you using that causes the crash?

Just stop using the japanese keyboard…

It’s quicker to just use WK’s built in IME anyway (aka just typing in romaji and letting it convert it). If it’s crashing when you use the Japanese IME then your only option is probably to try a different keyboard, but really there should be no need to use a separate IME.

Plus, using an IME is kinda like cheating (for vocab at least) since the answer won’t show up in the conversion list if you’re wrong.

As per Koichi’s post in Japanese IME (How To Type In Japanese), you absolutely do not need your device’s Japanese IME. I never have it activated when I use WaniKani for reviews or lessons.

I always use the Japanese IME. And if Merzk wants to use it I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t be able to. It also doesn’t fix whatever the underlying problem is…

Do you have it set to not recommend kanji as you’re typing? That’s typically why people recommend not using one, since without changing the defaults it’ll usually just suggest answers for you.

I do not. I just ignore it. Took awhile to train myself not to look. Then I found out later that there was a script for disabling suggestions. You live you learn.

Any particular reason you want to have it on? The only reason I can think of why I’d want it on is sometimes I do things in Japanese on other tabs while I review, and switching back and forth can be a little annoying.

This will probably sound extremely stupid: I grew accustomed to seeing the word highlight as I typed it. Disabling suggestions broke that. :smile:

I’ve had the same issue on my iPad. It happened once before but had recently been ok. I agree that the problem is Japanese input. I’ve found in the last 12 hours of trying to fix my problem that if I type something then select that word from the suggestion box, the data will be input. Otherwise if I just type and hit enter my screen goes blank and the page does a reset/reload.

Just to chime in: we’ve had a few reports on the same issue. So far, we’ve only seen it on iOS while using the Japanese keyboard. The page is forced to reload when an autocomplete suggestion isn’t chosen and you submit the answer via the keyboard. It’s a sticky problem to solve, and we’re still trying to find a solid solution.

In the meantime, there are a few work arounds available that should get you going:

  • Make sure that you tap the autocomplete suggestions. You can tell you’ve accepted the suggestion because the text in the WK input field is not longer highlighted (blue on my phone) and just has a white background.
  • Tap the ‘done’ button on the keyboard after you’ve typed in the answer and before you hit the right arrow on the WK field. It does the same thing as the first suggestion, that is, unhighlighting the field.
  • Switch to the English keyboard. Like Koichi has pointed out, we’ve got a really solid IME that works like a charm. There’s a little cheat sheet section in lessons and reviews that shows you the conversions if you haven’t used it before.

If anybody has a different experience or sees the same issue on a non-iOS device, drop us a note at with the details.


We pushed out an update today that should stop the forced reload when using the Japanese keyboard. We also filed a bug report with Apple about the issue — it turns out it’s an issue in iOS when using any non-Roman keyboard.

Hopefully they fix it iOS 11.

Thanks alot for the support! I have been using the English keyboard for my daily practice, but would love to get back to the japnese one

Thanks for the reply. Lately, it’s been working so so ok. Thanks for the tips!

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