Probably the best suggestion ever

Hello WaniKani Team.
Thank you so much for your everlasting effort to make this site a wholesome experience and an all-in-one Japanese learning tool.

I have a final suggestion, though. After learning a bunch of kanji and now that you added those terrific kana vocab, I realized that I still struggle with the kana itself.

Could you please add compulsonary hiragana and katakana to the queue? That would be a great addition and would probably help all of the WK community in achieving their goals of becoming masters of the nihongo.

Yours truly

[Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein
Dann ist die Welt voll Sonnenschein
So gut wie wir uns heute verstehen
So soll es weitergehen
Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein
Dann kommt das Glück von ganz allein
Drum singen wir tagaus und tagein
Ein bisschen Spass muss sein :crazy_face:]


Whilst I know this is a joke, conceptually the idea of having a single site where it is possible to learn kanji and kana vocab isn’t a bad one.

It is just that there needs to be an understanding from the product team that people will come into it at different levels and also use other tools for studying so these should really be distinct features - like a separate deck.

Additionally, I don’t think just reading a single word out of context is particularly valuable as it doesn’t give a feel for how the word is used, or help the user recall it from memory when it isn’t written down.

Having a clearer roadmap for what the future ideas are wouldn’t hurt either - because maybe these are the plans they have, but if they don’t tell people then the worst will be assumed.


Have you noticed that Elton looks less and less like Elton John every day? Meanwhile Joko looks more and more like Yoko Ono.


I think they should take it a step further, and have us SRS entire sentences to truly take us to the next level in reading capability.