Pro Tip: hit wrap up if you are slow to complete reviews

I recently found that hitting the wrap up button every time makes my reviews go quicker:


  • you feel the progress.

  • Psychologically 100 individual actions becomes 10 groups actions.

  • Short time between reading and meanings. (this may be a potential downside)


It’s certainly a handy little feature, especially when I want to do reviews in batches rather than all at once.

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Any sprinter like me will thank the :crabigator: for providing this wrap up feature because we always use wrap up button. We never do WK reviews without wrap up. And we never feel proud to see us doing giant reviews in one sit. And no, I’m not gonna explain why, because like I said above, I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner, why? Because meow.


The wrap up button is great especially when I find myself with a few minutes to spare during work and want to do something more productive than playing games on my phone.


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