[Preview]: Upcoming wkstats.com changes (Have you reset your level?)


This is exactly what I was thinking here. I’d like to be able to swap from 123 to 321 as the situation demands in each of those sections.

On the JLPT page I liked it first, personally. I’m at work at the moment, so I can’t double check, but I remember thinking that I really liked them being kind of highlighted as something that would need attention if I were to ever go after N1.


That makes sense. Based on that I would do what I suggested initially and always keep the secondary item order ascending.

I’m also torn on this, for exactly the reasons you stated. I thought about it when looking at the site, but couldn’t decide which I preferred, so I didn’t mention it before. Since you asked though, I’d say I’m leaning towards last for the “leftover stuff” reasoning.


By the way, I assume that’s not going to be a common problem, but the “1” in 1945 days is cut off in the new design.



Isn’t that 945 days on level 1 (一)?


Nope. (Well, it shouldn’t be)
Old version:


Did you really have an account for over 5 years before actually starting?


Should be fixed now. I had it padding to 3 digits for alignment purposes in the javascript console, and increased it to 4 digits. Hopefully, no one will will be on a level for 27 years :slight_smile:
But if they are, I won’t care by then, lol.


I did half the first level, thought it’s too damn slow ™ and gave up. I came back because I wanted to review all the 常用漢字 anyway (plus winter sale)


@rfindley On the new stats site, can you calculate the total correct/incorrect percentage at the review level instead of the answer level (basically the percentage on the summary page after finishing a review session instead of the percentage during a review session)? I assume you’d have to go through all of the reviews endpoint, but it sounds like a much more useful statistic than what was available with V1 since it reflects what percentage of reviews go up or down in the SRS.


Maybe I’ll add that eventually… but it could require fetching and processing 500,000 records for just that one number (depending on level and accuracy).


At least if you cache the cumulative value it should only be that bad the first time.


It will also require figuring out a reliable way to pair up reading and meaning reviews. They’re each separate records, and may have multiple entries of each. You could maybe group all entries that occur within 1hr, but I think you’d start having problems if someone has a multi-hour session after letting stuff build up. :thinking:


Oh that’s disappointing. I thought the point of the reviews endpoint was for them to be grouped together for stuff like this…

Question posted here. If there’s no easy way, maybe they’ll add something to the API.


Correction… they are paired up. I was remembering incorrectly.


Guess I should delete that post then haha. With this new information, does my request sound reasonable?


@Tru @seanblue,
I’ve made some updates to the alpha. You can now reverse-sort by holding Shift while clicking on a group- or sort-selector.

Also, rather than adding select-all and select-none buttons for the show/hide, I added a shift-click to select only one category (e.g. shift-click on ‘Lesson’ to show only lessons). And you can shift-click again on the same button to show-all.

In both of the above cases, the instructions will pop up when you hover. I may eventually add a more visible “help” instructions somewhere, but that’s going to be low priority.

[edit: Since shift isn’t available on mobile, I may end up finding some other way to implement the stuff above. I’m just trying really hard not to crowd the config interface more than it already is]


On the WaniKani items page:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'get_key' of undefined
    at categorize (<anonymous>:322:34)
    at populate_items (<anonymous>:231:33)


k, I’ll check it out.


Oh… I think I know what the problem is. One of the group settings is renamed. Open the config and see if you can select a group. That may fix it. I’ve been working on unifying as much of the code on the Items pages as possible, so I renamed ‘level’ to ‘wk_level’.


Yep that worked.

I would like to be able to use the reverse sort at least on mobile. A small button like :arrows_clockwise: (in size, not that button in particular) may work.

On desktop at least the Shift+Click functionality works nicely.

I think you should remove the focus highlight


And based on actually seeing the “Not on WaniKani” stuff now, I would move it to the end. Having them show up before Level 2 in the N1 section feel really weird.