Many thanks to @Kumirei for this comment (another thread 3 years ago):

By “pre-reviewing” you are cheating. You are looking at the answers before you get the question so that you can trick WK into thinking you know the items better than you actually do. Extra exposure between reviews is no problem, but “pre-reviewing” sounds bad.

I fell into the “pre-review” trap for a bit, but @Kumirei’s comment really struck home, as the right approach. In the same vein, there was another comment in that thread, to the effect of “right or wrong doesn’t matter, just do the reviews.” Perhaps an exaggeration, but the point seems to be to do reviews naturally, w/o any prep and let the SRS work.

Many thanks.


As long as you are doing your reviews you are making progress. Even if you fail every single item in a review, you come out of the session knowing more than you did when you entered it


In Wakanda, “Kumirei” means “Wisdom” and “God jul” means “Do your reviews”.


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