Potentially mistaken reading recording?

I’m so sorry if I’m just an idiot and mishearing this after several listens, but the vocab word “追いかける” sounds like it’s saying “追い ける”. Does anyone else hear it like this too?

If I’m wrong (probably), I’ll just delete this, sorry!

No, I hear it like it’s supposed to be

It just sounds really like the location of articulation is alveolar “t” rather than velar “k”, but that’s coming from my background of French/English obv. All this time later I still can’t unhear a ‘t’ ughhh. It’s a very minor problem, but seems to be just me haha.


Maybe it’s just that this particular speaker is more difficult for you. But if you compare his 「か」 with his 「た」, they do sound quite different indeed. Maybe then you’ll be able to better hear the difference.