Potential typo for 大阪?

In the lesson for 阪神 it says:

The slopes of the gods! What could this be? Well, it’s mainly just a company, known as Hanshin. They’re based in the area between Osaka and Kobe. Think of it this way: 大坂 + 神戸 = 阪神! They’re everywhere, though, and even have a baseball team (the Hanshin Tigers), so it’s good to know.

This threw me off when I read it, because I thought Osaka was spelled 大阪. But it looks like that’s indeed the case!

That’s an archaic spelling at this point, so yeah, just send them an email. The modern spelling is 大阪.

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History lesson! Osaka was originally spelt 大坂, until the Meiji Restoration, when supporters of the Meiji Emperor noticed that when separated into its components, the 坂 becomes 士反, which can be read as “Samurai rebellion”. In order to… I dunno, discourage any rebelling samurai, I guess? … they changed it to the 大阪 we know and love today.

But yeah. Not the point here. It’s a typo. :slightly_smiling_face:



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