Post your latest review!

My longest review yet of over 150 items! I’m really proud of this one :smiley:


It was a rough one but I managed to get 100% accuracy :clap::sunglasses:

Congrats on doing well on your first big(ger) review session! :tada: :turtle: :tada:


haha thanks! How long have you been level 60 for and how many more items do you have left to burn?

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I reached level 60 last year in March and recently burned everything pre-content overhaul, but I now have lifetime so I’m working on burning the last 19 radicals/vocab that were added from the December overhaul =)

How are you liking WK? Are you excited to eventually burn your first turtles? :smile:

I’m really enjoying it! I really like the community here, I’m joining the absolute beginner book club!

How did you get the title of “Noice Durtle”?

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The book clubs are great, I hope you enjoy it ^^

Some badges can be used as titles here on the forums, if you’re active enough you can go from being a Member to being a Regular (which comes with extra rights such as being able to edit thread titles, move threads to appropriate sections, make posts into wikis, etc) and then you can use “Regular” as a title, as well as a lot of different kinds of durtle badges which can be bestowed upon you by the admins and can then be used as titles as well :durtle_noice: you can check out all the durtles here (towards the bottom of the page)

The durtles are also emojis on here, I :purple_heart: emojis (and durtles) :durtle_the_explorer:

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I’m kind of proud of this one, started yesterday, loving this


Speaking of durtles :upside_down_face:

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700 :OOOOOOOOO I can’t imagine

Got my 先輩 and 後輩 in order tonight!


It’s not so bad… I’ve had worse :upside_down_face: most I had was around 4k… stay in school kids


My alt account had 2,500 pending reviews before I put it on vacation mode :slight_smile:

Level 1, am I right?


Why do you have 2 accounts?

That was the only way I convinced myself to ditch two years of hard work. Didn’t have the guts to reset my other account

epic :sunglasses:


Found an old screenshot from the dark days :grin:


Maybe after you finish this account you can go in and ace your reviews on the old one

Woah, and I thought it couldn’t get worse

You know? That’s not a bad idea. Might give it a try

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