Post your J-CAT score!


Thank you, if that is the case I wouldn’t consider paying to take the test as I don’t think I can make the most out of it. There don’t appear to me many other options online though that are as thorough and are free.



I’m taking the N4 in December. I need to study more!



I never want to see this test again.



Second time taking this I think. Improved by at least 2 points for each section but EVERY TIME I blank out and repeat to myself wakanai. zenzen wakanai. I don’t care anyway ****and just pick random answers. The reading is numbing!


How did the registration process go for those of you who did the test already? I tried to register ~month ago, but never got any response. Trying today again with different email…


The email got in my spam folder.
Luckily, I found it before it got automatically deleted.

Edit: just registered again, and, sure enough, the email for preregistration got in the spam.



Not a huge improvement overall, but at least none of my scores went down. :+1:


Yeah, I found it in spam too. I faintly remember that it might have been the same last time I tried - I found the first automated response in spam folder, but then never received the password. Hopefuly this time will be different.


156 - not bad, I thought my score would be worse. I’m surprised by highest score on listening. In the grammar and vocab sections time limits were killing me - I’m still too slow at reading, so often the time ran out before I managed to parse the question and answers. Also, my vocabulary is considerably lacking.


Yeah, the fact that they give the same amount of time for a kanji reading question (where you literally know it or don’t know it within a couple seconds) as the grammar questions is bizarre. If they want to give 30 seconds for kanji questions, they should give at least a minute for grammar.


Not a huge improvement overall?? You improved a lot!!! :open_mouth:


Dang, j-cat wants Adobe Flash. I hoped that had died an overly well deserved death years ago…


They are working on a new version without flash, but that won’t be ready for a few years and won’t be free.


can’t take it. flash produces an error even after i installed the newest version, and it won’t even let me register.


Try on internet explorer. :laughing: (not joking)



i’m not that desperate :smiley:


Try Opera. It was the only browser that worked for me.


have you actually enabled it for the webpage? Thats what I had to do


@NickNickovich @Vanilla
thank you, will give it a try :slight_smile:



That’s about right, I think. Those grammar questions went way too fast so I didn’t manage to get some of the answers in. The real problem is that I can’t read so that’s what WK is for~
I also didn’t think to take notes during the listening >_>