Post your J-CAT score!


so I know its only been 3 months but I recently did 4 weeks in total in Japan and thought I wanted to measure if I made progress (I felt it, just wasn’t sure) and here are my new results!

Grammar continues to plague me but I will conquer it! I’m surprised my vocab hasn’t improved but it is a short test after all.

This puts me safely in intermediate! I am happy about that!



Super happy with this! Literally exactly the range I thought I would be–lower intermediate. I actually did better in listening than I thought, but I knew I’d be weak in vocab for sure, which is something I’m working on. I’ll be studying a lot in the next few months/literally moving to Japan in two months, so hopefully when I take it again in six months I’ll be able to score a high-intermediate!


Got 150, which I’m pretty satisfied with. Interesting that this puts me at JLPT N3 level, never did the JLPT but thought I’d probably struggle with N4.


Joining the J-CAT crowd!

As expected, my strongest point is listening (and speaking, but that wasn’t measured), while I’ve totally ignored cramming on vocab and new grammar, since I already get by with my current so-so level of Japanese.

Am supposed to take the N2, both for fun and as a kick in the back to get me sweating with the independent studies, but as for now, I have no confidence about passing. 頑張ろう、みんな!

新 Monthly Progress Challenge
新 Monthly Progress Challenge
新 Monthly Progress Challenge

I registered sometime ago, but never got my login data.
Now it states I have to wait six months to re-register… Anyone an idea what to do?


Check your spam folder, that’s where I found my login info. If you can’t find it then just register with another address.


Oh, I just realised I was supposed to take the J-CAT again in March. Oops. I’ll register now.


Hm…maybe I will take it again too. See if I have gotten anywhere in 6 months.


I was thinking exactly the same thing… Maybe I’ll wait a bit for things to settle down, though. Right now it feels like I have either free time xor I am awake.


I really wish xor were a proper word


It is a proper word. It has a wikipedia article and everything.
Even my spellchecker recognizes it.
Finally, it is in the Oxford dictionary.


It’s in the dictionary as an operator, not as a conjunction. It’s a word in the same sense as mathematical operators such as sin, cos, and tan, are words.

See the linked definition.


Then you should have said that you wished it were a conjunction :stuck_out_tongue: Which, indeed, it isn’t (so far).



I forget, how long does it usually take after you apply to get a response?


Up to 72 hours




hmm nothing in the spam folder… have to get a second mail adress…


So your only “free time” is when you’re asleep? Did I interpret your xor correctly?


That’s correct.
(That being said, I could count WK-related stuff as free-time, but… I won’t. Gotta level fast while keeping up with the book clubs)