Post your J-CAT score!


Well, yeah, since my hand is already in that area
Maybe you’re onto something though… I use CTRL + SHIFT + J for console, which isn’t efficient


You one of them home row folk?
I’ll stick to the all over the place style. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The real answer is ALT + F4


What about Ctrl+Alt+Delete then Up Arrow then Enter then Up Arrow twice then Enter? (Results may vary.)


It’s quite convoluted. On desktop, ALT + F4 then Enter is more reliable (to fix the captcha issue ofc)


(Windows Laptops only maybe?)


… does nothing? (At least on linux)


I agree with @Kalas. Their method works across multiple operating systems.


I believe so. Ahh, I miss that feature


Weird, today when I went to try it out again the captcha was totally fine, changed into numbers and all. Maybe the site was under maintenance or something :face_with_monocle: thanks everyone! Hopefully I get my password soonish :weary:

Listening 32
Vocabulary 15
Grammar 3
Reading 20
Total 70

I am surprised i found the listening part the easiest. although it was hard to do the grammer and reading part, because i am very slow at reading kanji and hiragana/katakana so the timer kept running out ;_;


I took the J-CAT in 2016 while studying quite intensively for a few weeks, and then proceeded to not touch anything Japanese for more than a year, as you can see on the following scores:

Listening Vocabulary Grammar Reading Total
2016 july 55 29 42 40 166
2017 dec 44 45 40 43 172
2018 may :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question: :grey_question:

It’s soon time for a new round, and this time I’ve been studying more, so it will be interesting to see how my score changes. I feel like reading and listening are my weak points, and I don’t know kanji well enough to read quickly.


聴解 / Listening 49
語彙 / Vocabulary 49
文法 / Grammar 38
読解 / Reading 41
合計 / Total 177

Okay. Was hoping for 200 but considering internet went on the reading section- and 2 questions were skipped, I am fairly happy- Still up 17 from july 2017


I tried it in January and got 114. Now I tried it again and got 167.

But this seems off to me: I felt like I was guessing half of the questions in the reading section, it was way above my level. I have studied for a year now and I think I have a good chance at passing N5 in July but that’s it. Maybe I’m just OK at guessing answers to listening questions? And then I got vocabulary and grammar questions with stuff that I never heard before. Or maybe I’m too optimistic in the questionnaire at the beginning and I should just answer “no, I can’t do any of this” to all questions and then I would get more appropriate stuff.

Every time after taking this test I’m so discouraged. The reading section is so long and annoying and not fun at all. Maybe I’m not a test taking kind of person after all and should not bother anymore after trying the N5. :-/



Your score indicates that you might pass N4 even now.

The JCAT’s testing style is different from the JLPT, so I wouldn’t conclude that you’re not a “test taker”. The way this test is written, it needs to search for the brink of your Japanese knowledge. As a result, I think this test intends for users to get about half the questions wrong. Meanwhile for tests like the JLPT, you’d get most questions right. It feels bad to be lost half the time, but you have to adjust your expectations for this style of testing.


Thanks for the explanation. At some point I was guessing so much that I was wondering if the result could even be remotely correct.

So I‘m hoping my JLPT experience will be different since it is not adaptive. It’s much nicer to feel appropriately prepared for a test.


I feel you. The main difficulty of the reading part (especialy in the JLPT) is not the content, it’s to have enough motivation to read through a boring test for 15 min just for 1 question…


This puts me high on “Level 3” which I think is about equivalent to a very good score on the current N4, so I’m pretty much where I want to be. I’m about to go to Japan for two months for study so I think I should be able to pass N3 in December if I apply. From there, it’s only one level to the promised land!



It’s not terrible but oh boy did the reading section discourage me… I figure I should be able to pass N3 pretty safely with this.



Well, I sort of expected this, since I’m so new. I’m a little surprised how high my grammar score is, considering how little I’ve studied it specifically.