Post your J-CAT score!


Good luck but be careful, I scored 204 and tried the N2: failed it ridiculously.
But to be honest I didn’t worked on it at all… For my case, it’s clearly doable but requires real preparation.



vs 6 months ago

My phone rang during the grammar section and I missed a few questions :roll_eyes:
I’ve studied a whole textbook since last time, would’ve been nice to know what my actual grammar score would be. Maybe I’ll just sign up again :eyes:



Up from 147 six months ago, so feels pretty okay(With the largest improvement being in listening, which increased from 39 to 56).



This is much higher than I expected. All that anime paid off! The results are very encouraging since I’m aiming for N3 in December and have lots of time to solidify this score.



I didn’t expect much cause I basically just guessed the answers. I was like “Woah! Slow down! Is what this character saying necessary? They’re trying to distract me from the real answer :thinking::joy:


  1. My listening sucks, and I need to brush up on my grammar. I’ve recently started watching raw anime to try to help with the listening part, since I’ve never practiced in my years of studying. Other than that, I actually felt pretty good about a lot of things I read in the reading part. Even for kanji I didn’t ecognize, I could pick up general meaning from other kanji nearby or by the context.



Today (04/19/2018)

My listening tanked, grammar went up a bit. Vocab and Reading had negligible change.
Though to be fair, that 51 I got before was bunk. No idea where that came from, was sure I got a 0.


And for fun


Moral of the story, I suck at this and am going nowhere. Yayy :tada:


Going nowhere (i.e. not going backward) takes time and efforts in itself.
I remember you saying you are crazy busy in general, so managing to stay put in terms of skill is something.
I know it may not feel good, but ignore that and just keep going.


Harsh… I apprehend re-taking the test as scoring the same or lower after 6 months of continuous work would clearly impact my motivation…



Full time job + 3/4 remodeled house + baby = small amounts of time to study.

Tough to keep at it for sure. But slow progress is something, I guess.

Plus, what else would I do with what little time I get? More video games? This is at least something more worthwhile.


Not really about posting a score, but I’ve been trying to register today and the website keeps giving me “invalid captcha” all the time, and the captcha itself never changes. Any ideas? :confused:


Have you tried a hard refresh? CTRL + SHIFT + R


Yea, and reopening the same page again altogether… Still no luck.


I prefer CTRL+F5


Browser? And plugins/extensions possibly interfering?
F12 console give any error info?


Google Chrome. Console giving no error. Paused all my extensions (rikaikun, tampermonkey, adblock). After hard refresh, still no luck :disappointed_relieved:


Odd. I used Chrome myself without issue.
Hate to suggest it, since IE is hot garbage, but does it work in IE?
I did the other day take multiple attempts before I was allowed to take it due to ‘connection too slow’. My router is on its way out, so I didn’t think much of it. But perhaps the site is experiencing issues?


Why? Just curious. I like CTRL + R for refreshing since it’s easy to do with one hand


Easier than F5?
Less keys. Plus F12 console, F11 step, F5 continue, etc. Keep the F’s in power.


mhm, tried IE/edge right away…same problem >_>