Post your J-CAT score!

I’m super happy with my score. (My listening did go down a little though.)
I’m taking the N1 in December so hopefully I can recreate these results :slight_smile:


That’s an amazing score, good job! :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I ask how you have been studying grammar, by the way? I can’t seem to find any resources that works for me these days.

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Thank you! :laughing:

I’ve been mainly watching 日本語の森 videos and taking notes. It’s really helpful to have an index of grammar points that I can refer back to when I forget one. I use this thorough one for N1 and this less thorough one for N2.

I also do practice problems in 日本語パワードリル and I’m super thorough (if there’s an answer choice I don’t understand, I’ll look it up and write its meaning in the margin). I like 日本語パワードリル but to be honest any well-made practice problems would be the same.

I’ve found that my grammar ability has been very responsive to this type of practice. I also read a lot so that definitely helps.



I seem to have improved my listening a tiny bit and somehow gotten worse at grammar :sweat_smile: At least I did a lot better than last time on the vocabulary and reading parts(I think that’s because of floflo!) leading to an overall increase of 40 points… which I guess is pretty ok.



I last did the test over a year ago, when I got 178.
I’m taking N2 in December, so hopefully I’ll be able to pass that.


Welp, that sucks, I lost 5 points since last time.

I did feel better during the vocab section and the grammar section.
While vocab improved by 10 points, grammar stayed exactly the same, which is a bit sad.

The biggest surprise for me was reading, basically -20 points :upside_down_face:
The texts didn’t feel hard (and by the end they were basically in hiragana :confused:) but somehow, there were many cases where none of the answers felt appropriate. Was I overthinking stuff? I don’t really know.


Yeah, I lost like 15 points on grammar the most recent time I took the test… while feeling like I was doing better.


I took the test 3 times now and the results were like this:

When 2017/9/25 2018/3/29 2018/10/22
Listening 43 47 62
Vocabulary 40 45 50
Grammar 64 26 46
Reading 34 51 55
Total 181 169 213

It’s obvious that the grammar score the first time was really really wrong. Realistically it should’ve been around 20, so take 40 points from that total score and the whole thing is more realistic lol

AH BTW I studied abroad in Japan from 2017/10 until 2018/08.



Passed N2 last december and I’m taking the N1 this coming december so this is a bit 困る.

Regardless, glad all the Manga/LN reading has paid off. (now I just gotta grind an N1 grammar/vocab deck it seems)


Oh boy this test was far more difficult than I thought it would be… and obviously I should focus on my grammar right now :smiley: that’s a pretty uneven result. I’m mainly going with wanikani and tandem (so spoken language at the moment)

I should go back to Genki and 日本語の森 :smiley:



Well that was an interesting experience to say the least. On my computer, the font resolution looked horrible. Also, I didn’t understand the mysterious time limit which will skips your answer before answering. Is there there a way to track this besides answering as quick as possible out of shear paranoia? Despite all my lame excuses, JCAT knows my listening is horrible and I’m in N3ish arena but I probably just got lucky to even get that.

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Totally agree, just did my second try.

for me there was a timer bar in the upper right of the screen, complete with countdown clock

Be advised that J-CAT still scores along the old JLPT level scale. I think got maybe a medium high N4, with an overall score 189?

I took a picture of my scores last time too, but I lost it, so now I can’t compare. I was in the same range, though. I think it might have been around 155 total.


They have the old numbers, but there’s a gap that makes it a properly 5 segmented system. IIRC.

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There is indeed.
The equivalence chart is in the OP as well.

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I don’t see the equivalence chart

This chart in the OP?


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Oh a thought a chart that puts new JLPT levels and J-CAT levels side by side. This oneI did see.

Yeah, he was saying “The equivalence chart (you are talking about with the gap in it) is in the OP as well.”


Thanks, did not see this at all on my end unless I completely missed it.

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My first time, not too terrible except for listening. Honestly I think I could have done better in vocab and grammar but the time limit during those sections are so short I felt like I was rushing just to pick an answer with barely any time to actually think about it.