Post your best personal mnemonics

Sometimes the given mnemonic for a word/kanji/radical isn’t sufficient, or you’ve come up with a better one on your own, or whatever the reason may be, sometimes you end up creating your own mnemonic for an item to remember it better, separate from the one given by wanikani.

Post your best ones here!

I’ll begin with my mnemonic for 争う:

This german man wants to compete in that race, but you tell him he’s not eligible. “Ach so!”(あらそう), he says.


I think it was with 坂 (slope) the mnemonic was something like, you have to know slopes to play soccer, and know the dirt and anti-dirty. I’m like… what?

I stared at the kanji for a minute, and said to myself “You’ll never remember this ridiculous mnemonic, might as well go outside and play さか instead.”

It’s stuck since.

I’ll admit I’m a little lost on this one. “Ach so” to arasou…?


Same here. And tbh this “arasou” is one of my leeches with “kisou” as a pair because they both mean “to compete” and I’m often confused by their readings.


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It makes more sense when you know how they pronounce it.

The sounds like a sort of so the whole thing sounds like <arr, soh>. It more or less means “Ah, I see!” in german.


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