Possibly a typo? In example sentence 腹立つ

Don’t get so upset about it. It’s not that big a deal. Let it go.

Shouldnt it be はらだってるな?
Not that im upset about it… if it isss correct then no big deal, i can let it go^^

Well, 腹立てる is basically the same meaning as 腹立つ, but it’s made from 立てる, not 立つ.

You can generally say 腹が立つ and 腹立つ, or 腹を立てる and 腹立てる.

But you probably shouldn’t use 腹立てる as an example of 腹立つ. I would send them an email about it.

I’m not sure you could say 腹立ってるな as a negative command of the progressive, whatever that would be.


It is definitely not the potential?

What would it mean to tell someone to not be able to do something? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that usage. The English translation also doesn’t seem to have any hint of the apparent resulting strangeness that would be involved in that.


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