Possible vocab additions

While looking through vocab that uses specific kanji, I was surprised to find that 切 and 忙しい aren’t taught as vocab words. Why is this? I hear 忙しい all the time in anime and japanese vtubing, and being able to say that you’re busy is probably pretty useful in daily conversation, no?

I’m not sure about how useful 切 is as a vocab word by itself(because I don’t know if I’ve heard it before), but “eager; earnest; ardent; kind; keen; acute” doesn’t sound like a useless thing to know how to say.

Are these left out because they’re not taught in primary schools in Japan, or because they’re not on the JLPT?


忙しい is taught at Level 19.
Is 切 by itself really that common? 切ない maybe?


I don’t think 切 is used as a word really at all nowadays. At least I’ve never heard or seen it used. It never even occurred to me that it could be a word, so it’s cool to learn that (thanks!) Not sure it would make sense to add it to WaniKani though.

「忙しい」, on the other hand, is, like, in every other sentence with pretty much everyone I know here in Japan – especially in messages. Life in “civilization” is pretty rough. :sweat_smile:

That’d be why there’s more common ways of saying it. 懸命, for example, or 熱心.