Possible Misordering?

Basically, there’s a level 52 word that uses a level 54 kanji. Not sure if this is intentional or not.


Certainly looks out of place, send an email to hello@wanikani.com

We’re already aware of this level error. It will be fixed the next time we have site maintenance.


You’re pink!

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Viet was yellow!

We didn’t like the “pee yellow” that Discourse gave to the staff highlight so we changed it to fit our style a bit more. :wink:


Good choice. :smile:

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Great idea. : )

I had thought maybe each of you had picked your own colour.

Heh! I can post in blue:

Well found MrSaturn!
@anon20839864 Seems like the right topic to tell you about another misordering: “Ego” radical (我 level 26) is being used in the mnemonic of the “Righteousness” radical (義 level 20)

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righteousness is a level 20 radical. It’s taught before the kanji in level 20.

EDIT: sorry, I get your point. I haven’t learned ego yet so i didn’t see it that way.

Looks purple to me :wink:

Yup, we know about this one too and it’s on our list.

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