Possible error or bad wording

It seems theres a mistake in the meaning explanation for 炎

From what I gather this does in fact refer to a big fire like a house fire (and possibly a forest fire)
especially since thats exactly what it refers to in the example sentence

This came up the other day

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Oops looks like someone beat me to it hehe

@Leebo read your explanation there, thanks
Though I still think they should update the explanation so its less confusing, even the first meaning of “big fire” seems to contradict the meaning explanation

Yeah, I agreed that it’s confusing. The more people who email them about it, the more likely it’ll change. But they don’t really scout this forum for things to fix.

isn’t that what this section is for though :thinking:

I mean, it’s not my company so I can’t tell them how to do it, but the people who make corrections to the entries basically only use the emails they get from people. Sometimes they do appear on the forum, but there’s no indication they watch this page. The technical bugs posted here (issues with servers, API, etc) seem to get more attention from that part of the company.

This is what they say in the forum description up at the top


right I forget theres section descriptions lol

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