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I guess I need a single place to link to posts that are important to me.

Logs and goals


I have done WaniKani to the last level in 2017, and tried so compile some more Kanji after that, yet my reading isn’t good enough. (Truthfully, I may have forgotten many vocabularies and Kanji.)

As of Jun 2022, I tried reading earlier levels’ context sentences; and collecting vocabularies, to be sorted by WaniKani levels.

I don’t exactly agree with WaniKani’s way, but I like how levels are sorted, and Kanji and vocabularies are curated.

Some UserScripts I have been using, and might be using now.

WaniKani Community (Forum)

Tools and scripts


Rather than writing progress here every week or every month (where I have better social places to write, anyway), I am going to write when I reach a worthy milestones (which is subjective, but I will use subjectivity to find meaningfulness). So perhaps, things like – joining a higher level book club and survive / realizing that I can listen well to what is impossible or unclear before…

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Wed 15 Jun 2022

  • Books I failed to read, and later can read (well), should qualify as a milestone. Novels in general, and decisions to read non-fiction (even if not in a book club), including
    • Night Cafe (夜カフェ)
    • 時をかける少女
    • 人間失格
  • Failed to listen / watch also works similarly.
    • 呼吸法 reading manga
  • A markdown syntax, can be used in a table [1]

  1. good for mobile too. ↩︎