Point of 銀杏?

Just wondering what the point of including this word 銀杏 in the course, seeing as how it doesn’t use any of the regular readings and it doesn’t seem common enough that it should be included in spite of that.

I had my students at elementary school collect fallen leaves for a project and we talked about the kinds of leaves they collected, so this came up several times over the course of those days.

At least in the area where I am, these are all over the place.

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I see. Never seen one before, but if you say they’re native to Japan then maybe it’ll come up some day. I’ll just put the meaning as ichou aswell, problem solved.

I guess it’s worth noting, if it wasn’t clear from my post or the WK entry, that this is just the name of the variety of tree, though it obviously also produces the nuts. If you google image search it, you’ll get the idea. Also, the leaf is used as the symbol of Tokyo.


That’s cool, I’ve seen the symbol in the subway. Didn’t know that’s what it was.

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